Port Police

The Common Sense Advisor came in a rush into the prime minister’s office. He was carrying his big leather book too. It seemed serious.
- Did you ask for me sir?

The Town Of Everyday People had known better days. The so called Exceptional People were becoming more and more and there was nothing the prime minister could think of doing. No, it would’t show very nice to make them somehow… disappear. He was so puzzled about the situation because those people were members of great families, they were grown to be very Everyday People, just like their ancestors and relatives and friends but somewhere along the way something went very very wrong.

It seemed they just couldn’t think everydayish at all. They couldn’t stay in a job, they couldn’t communicate with others, they were causing trouble. They said they thought Big and they refused to even educate themselves. As they used to put it, there was no need for them to waste so much time in education just to end up an Everyday person with Everyday job in a Town of Everyday People. But apart that, they seemed to have the constant need of showing off. Most of them started exersising a lot, growing muscles, often acting crazy, shouting at Everyday People, calling them names and bullying kids around. And all that for no apparent reason since no one was talking to them or even dare to look at their faces. Something had to be done fast.

- Yes my good man. I mean, I could use some common sense right now.
- Certainly sir. How can I be of help?
- The Exceptionals. You know, the less Everyday People... They’ve become so many, I really can’t handle it anymore.

The Common Sense Advisor put his book on the desk. It’s title was carved in big black letters. “Common Knowledges” . He opened it, turned some pages and read: “The Exceptional People are estimated to be thousands nowadays. Usually by that number, only a few months are required before they take over a town.
The Prime Minister was now furious.
- This can’t be happening! What went wrong? And what can be done now? Is there anything that can be done anyway? Please my good man, tell me that you can help me!
- Sir, If I may, this is not a serious problem at all. You can easily overcome it. The book of Common Knowledges says it right here. The solution is more than obvious.
- Really? What does it say? Just tell me and I will do it right now!
- Common Knowledges says that by now, human nature has taught us that the Exceptional People only want one thing.
- And what is that?
- Power. Actually sir, they are born with a huge need to feel important, even though they can never be, as there is no possible way for them to gain power or respect. It’s a matter of brains, sir. Lack of them actually. Most of them know it though. That is why they need power. To hide it. They mostly seem to desperately need the kind of power to control others, which they assume to be the one to finally give them prestige. Or so they think. It doesn’t matter. Common sense almost shouts in my ear to give them that power.
- What? Are you crazy?
- Sir, it doesn’t have to be a real power. Just fool them. Easy task. For example, just create a position that sounds prestigious and powerful.
- Hmm…
- A position with special outfits. Ones, that will help bring up their muscles. Seriously, try really fancy uniforms and maybe big hats! Oh yeah and guns! They love guns!
- But aren’t guns slightly dangerous in their hands?
- Not so much sir. I mean they are but what do you prefer, some Everyday People shot or those morons taking over the whole place?
- I guess… they could kill one or two.
- It’s the only way common sense points at.
- So… policemen then.
- No, you don’t have to go that far. Maybe later. But first start low. You don’t want them wandering in our streets with guns. What about the sea?
- What about it?
- Assign them with the responsibility to guard our coasts, ports and sea borders. Double profit: power and getting rid of them.
- Brilliant! Port policemen it is! I'm naming this profession… Port Police! It is ok I guess, we can take it if they kill one or two, as long as they think they finally got power. Please go and start all preparations.
- Right away sir!
- And… and don’t forget the outfits! I want really fancy outfits!

Inspired by: One more police inflicted death: Igoumenitsa Port Police victim dies
In greek: Εξέπνευσε ο Κούρδος που είχε ξυλοκοπηθεί από λιμενικούς στην Ηγουμενίτσα