The land of no smiles

It only took them 5 minutes. They placed the black candles, they draw the pentacle with chalk, they said the words from the Big Black Book and that was it. The demon offered the best solution to their problems. And the best part was that he didn’t ask for their souls in return. He only wanted their smiles. Just that.
- We will not burn in Hell?
- No.
- No eternal damnation or pools with fire?
- No.
- No barrels with boiling water, no tridents, no torturing at all?
- No.
- AND we go to Heavens?
- Yes.
- It sounds too good to be true.
- We only have to stop smiling?
- Yes.
- Laughs too, I guess…
- Yes.
- Not even the faintest smile?
- No.
- And what about jokes? I mean I can’t help it if I hear a good joke.
- I’ll make sure you won’t.
- Sounds fair to me.
- Me too. If we get to live in paradise on Earth, I’m in.
- Count me in too. I mean, if we won’t have to search for jobs and everything we need is for free like food, houses or clothes, then our troubles are over.
- Everything for free, imagine that!
- I’m so hungry right now that I would give my soul too.
- So, we all agree. Equality and everything for free in a carefree place! I only wonder how we can prevent smiles…
- You can leave that to me…
- Perfect! It’s a deal then, where do we sign?

Inspired by: North Korea -The land of no smiles and The Colour of Silence in the Axis of Evil

More info: Country profile – North Korea


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