Globalization Evil

- That’s horrible! Mary’s cat was on the tree all afternoon! It took five firemen to rescue that poor thing!
- Oh my god! Mary must have been soooo frightened! How is she now?
- Not very well, she fainted 3 times and then the doctor said she should stay in bed for at least a week.
- Horrible indeed!

- Have you heard the news?
- No. What?
- Didn’t you listen to the radio or read the papers? It’s Mike, the baker!
- What about Mike?
- He was interviewed about the fire in his shop!
- What fire?
- The one he almost got! His brother prevented it the last minute!
- Oh, that would be dreadful! Poor Mike, how scared he must have been!

The troll’s village was completely isolated from the rest of the world, hidden inside a huge stone wall. These trolls made up their minds a lot time ago. They were totally against globalism. They didn’t want anything to do with all the other creatures of this planet even their neighbours and especially foreign visitors. Their gates were almost always closed. Their race would not mix with other cultures and certainly would not be forgotten.

They followed strictly all ancient troll beliefs, religion, tradition and rituals and managed to be autonomous by producing everything that a troll needs to survive; food, medicine, clothes, shoes, books, art and cosmetics.

They had come to this decision to build this stone wall around the village because things had turned very dangerous in the past. Their young children had started to use words from other languages like dwarfish, elfish and once, they heard a little troll singing the blues. Furthermore, there was another problem; it seemed to be extremely difficult to remember and follow their culture or religion.

All those foreigners made it difficult to remember of their ancestors, their gods and their religion. They even forgot all troll authentic art, traditional drinks, food and music! Troll history was about to be forgotten too.
The worst part was their role in the world. Being a troll didn’t seem that important any more. Troll news and their problems didn’t care anyone any more; it was as if they never happened at all.
Why would the world be interested to your unknown village flooded by your little stupid river? Who cares if a troll archaeologist translated all ancient troll symbols… in trollish? You should at least speak ten different languages before you accomplish great things; if you wanted to attract the interest of the world. And if you faced a catastrophe it’d better be bigger than the others or no one would be impressed.

The elder trolls took charge. If the world didn’t care for their important beings so would they. They kicked all foreigners out of their village and asked everyone to help build a tall stonewall around it. Now that was big news for the rest of the world but unfortunately trolls never found out. They also missed all the other great news of the world. Like the discovery of the cure of the only deadly troll virus. And the results of the biggest world research about the huge benefits for the brain after mixing races and cultures.
And all those new books about troll inheritance written...

Inside the walls they all just enjoyed the calm after things in the village went back to normal and so they started trolling happily again. Once more trolls were important; their history, their language, religion, food, ethics. The space inside those walls was the only world they wanted to know about and the only place that mattered to them.
And that would be very clever unless they didn’t live in a planet with others…

The rest of the world was now facing serious trouble. If they had kept in touch with it, they would know the trouble caused by that stupid troll machine they once sold to an elf. It was a weather machine that produced artificial rain clouds with rain. When gods found out, they were so furious that they killed all elf races with toxic rain.

They would also know that a spaceship with very ugly aliens had invaded their planet killing everyone on sight. Aliens tried at first to communicate with this beautiful planet’s inhabitants but no one seemed to understand their ancient troll symbol language. So, after everyone thought aliens were hostile, they tried to destroy their ship with missiles and that made them really mad.

They would know that dwarfs were all dead after been poisoned from the little unimportant river that carried all troll waste outside their village.

They would know why their lakes turned black, why their hair started to fall. They would know why the atmosphere was so thick, why the sun had turned green, why there was no rain in years and what was that smell…

Globalization is evil” said the elders while a mosquito was flying over the stone walls carrying the SJW453; the only deadly troll virus...

Inspired by: Curtis Schweitzer, Got Questions and Nathan White


2 Responses to “Globalization Evil”

  1. tonia22 Says:
    Hello dear,
    Your profile viewed by me today on this site, ( and I took a good look at it.
    I will be intrested to know you better because you sounded good in your profile, and I would like us to become friends and know each other more.
    send me an e-mail today please!
    Yours sincerely,
    (Remember that distance, age or color plays no role in a real relationship but love matters a lot).
    I am waiting for your answer ok!

  2. diegesis Says:

    ok, I have to admit globalization isn’t always cool

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