Climate in Dystopia is well, dystopic. Deserts are hotter, winters are harsher and in extremely rare cases, when for some mysterious reasons the gods feel sympathetic towards those Dystopians who could use some rain, it seems that they soon loose interest on the matter abandoning it or completely forget to stop*.

The bad climate in Dystopia causes almost everybody to move a lot. No one is ever satisfied with their home, no one lives in a normal place with normal conditions because simply there is no such place. So they move, two or even three times a year. If you want a summer or a winter you just travel. Fall is out of the question and if you wish for a spring, you literally have to go after it, as it passes for a few days every year through all the woods and fields, just to prevent nature’s fatal heart attack after the constant weather socks.

If you are a farmer you cultivate on the go by placing your field on wooden planks and wheels and drag it untill you find sun or rain. And then you run to save your life and crop.

*whoever wizard responsible for that mysterious humane force driving gods to this huge and unexpected act of humanism such as rain, should reconsider limiting the effect of his magic filter in human time as well, or else it won’t be so humane after all. Or give to at least one Dystopian the adequate time for an ark. Oh, and a wife.

Inspired by: Nature :(


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